Peru's president has been expelled until at least Tuesday

Peru’s president has been expelled until at least Tuesday


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The Supreme Court of the South American country has sentenced Peruvian President Pedro Castillo to prison until at least Tuesday. Castillo, 53, who was impeached by the Peruvian parliament yesterday, was sentenced to seven days in prison before trial.

The scheme became effective retroactively, yesterday is considered the first day. Castillo was accused of “rebellion”, among other things. He is also being investigated to what extent he organized an uprising or conspiracy.

dismissal procedures

The former trade union leader and teacher, who has been in power in Peru for a year, tried yesterday to sideline parliament because he wanted to vote on an impeachment measure against him. Although there was no majority in Parliament for this proposal, Castillo wanted to avoid such action at all costs.

But after his attempt to paralyze parliament, that majority was there. At least 101 members of parliament voted in favor of prosecuting Castillo, with six voting against. The president had to step down due to “permanent moral incompetence,” according to parliament. As his ministers turned against him, so did the Peruvian army.

After hours of impeachment, federal prosecutors announced that Castillo had been arrested for unconstitutional acts. “No authority can place itself above the constitution,” she said in a statement.

Corruption scandals

Meanwhile, Vice President Dina Boulwart has been named as Castillo’s successor. She is the sixth president in six years in Peru, which has been plagued by corruption scandals and an economic crisis.

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