“Performing in New York was a dream come true”

“Performing in New York was a dream come true”

“Last week Libelle Summer Week and now I’m in gorgeous New York,” Paul excitedly tells us. He is there with his entire team, in association with the NL club of New York, for his named performance 60? we will see, Launching into the famous Salmagundi.

Paul Di Leo in New York

Thus, Paul follows in the footsteps of, among others, Youp van ‘t Hek and Thomas Acda, who had previously performed at The NL Club. Especially for Dutch in America and American fans of our country, he once performed for about 150 guests on a Thursday.

The American dream

A day later, Paul told LeBelle that the performance was “a dream come true”. However, he also found it a little sexy. “People here often don’t know what I’m talking about. Like a burnt croquette,” Paul laughs. But of course he couldn’t skip topics like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. “They’ve been hunted down here in New York, which of course isn’t really possible.”

Fortunately, the audience was very excited. “We had a really nice drink afterwards,” says Paul with a big smile. “No, it can’t go wrong anymore. I’m going to exercise and dream a little.” American dream.

Sixties? we will see’

Thus, the performance in America can be marked off Paul’s list. Although he is very much looking forward to touring in our frog country again. He will play in September 60? we will see As said in the Netherlands. in performance He looks at his life and looks to the future. “We go everywhere: Winschoten, Harlingen….not,” he jokes. Then he quickly continues: “Roermond, Vlaardingen, Haarlem, Rotterdam Zuidplein, Oud Luxor, Emmen, Ijmoden, Drachten, Almelo, Breda. We are everywhere and nowhere.”

Attending Paul’s show? You can register tickets now. on their website You’ll find the full playlist and links to theater tickets for sale.