Pence criticizes Trump for storming the Capitol

Pence criticizes Trump for storming the Capitol

Speaking at an annual dinner with reporters, Pence said history will “hold Trump accountable” for what happened during the January 6, 2021 storming of the Capitol.

“President Trump was wrong,” Pence said in a speech about the day. Trump then addressed a crowd of angry followers and wanted Pence as president of the Senate to put an end to Joe Biden’s election victory. “I had no right to reverse the election. His reckless words endangered my family and everyone in the Capitol that day.”

Trump has already announced his candidacy for the presidency, but there are whispers in Washington that Pence will also run. He distances himself from Trump with statements like this. Since dinners at which Pence spoke on Saturdays are usually a light and funny event, he began his speech with a joke: “I would wholeheartedly and unreservedly support the Republican nominee…if that were me.”

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