Pay mobile bill with gaming and ads

Pay mobile bill with gaming and ads

In the US, mobile provider Boost Mobile has come up with a plan to give customers the option (partial) to pay their mobile bill by playing games and viewing ads. This is not new because a similar concept was tried many years ago. It doesn’t work and I’m very mistaken, but I do not think Boost Mobile’s offer will last long and successful life.

Earn Boostcoins

Bargaining for a discount in exchange for viewing ads and using other services seems like a bull’s eye to customers with (higher) phone charges. However, in practice, as it was many years ago, you have to invest some time to earn some money and tolerate the services.

Boost mobile customers who want to negotiate a discount should install the BoostOne app soon. There they can choose the services they use in exchange for a discount. The reward was ‘paid’ in so-called boostcoins. Boost Mobile does not yet provide accurate details about the revenue model for customers, but it is already known that the value of Boostcoins you can earn is $ 1 cent.

Ads, games and services

Not sure how many games, ads and other services you should watch, play and earn $ 10 discount on? CNET We already know that watching an ad for a few seconds will get you a maximum of 1 boostcoin. So for a $ 10 discount you should see 1000 ads, regardless of whether those numbers can be offered on the platform or not.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. What does it have to do with it? Newsletters? Email Ads? Are you requesting quotes? There is already talk of playing some games that can reward you with 100 to 500 boostcoins. However, it is not clear how much time you should spend on the game. So many details have not been announced yet. Still not sure if there is a limit to the maximum discount you can earn. In short, a lot more is not clear.

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