Parent company Iberia and Vueling begin flights to obtain sustainable fuel


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By then, the group’s airlines will be flying more efficient aircraft, such as the Airbus A320neo and A350. The goal is to reduce total CO2 emissions to date. The IAG has calculated that to achieve this goal, more than one million tons of sustainable fuels must be purchased annually. This translates into a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of 2 million tons year-on-year.

Recycled household waste for aviation fuel

In addition, the group announced that it will invest $ 400 million in sustainable fuels development over the next 20 years. In this area, the company has entered into a partnership with LanzaJet and Velocys. This includes Europe’s first facility in the UK to recycle household waste to convert into jet fuel, which will be operational in 2025.

Government support is crucial

Added Luis Gallego Martin, IAG Board Chairman.

Towards a sustainable future

The holding company has another milestone in mind for 2050: the company wants to engage the entire supply chain in the goal of reducing net carbon dioxide emissions to zero. Gallego Martin: “The transition to a low carbon business model is clearly challenging, but despite the current pandemic, we remain steadfast in our climate commitments.”

The largest contribution to achieving zero emissions by 2050 comes from flying more efficient aircraft, such as the aforementioned Airbus A320neo and A350 aircraft. These are used for short / medium and long trips respectively. These will be 15-25% more efficient than other models with similar capacity.

These measures led Iberia to reduce emissions per passenger by 15% of total pollutant emissions between 2010 and 2019. In addition to these positive results, IAG’s goal is to achieve a further 5% reduction by 2025.

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IAG operates Iberia, Vueling, British Airways, Aer Lingus and Level, a company registered in Spain with listed shares on both the London Stock Exchange and the Madrid Stock Exchange. The main office is located at London Heathrow Airport (UK).

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