Panic on the beach by wild boar, biting swimmer |  Abroad

Panic on the beach by wild boar, biting swimmer | Abroad

The boar was already spotted in the bay by people in boats, and they tried in vain to catch the animal. When the path on the shore was marked, people on the boats alerted the lifeguards.

They tried to keep the bathers away from the boar, but when the animal stormed the beach, a 67-year-old woman couldn’t avoid it. She sustained a slight bite wound. After crossing the beach, the animal disappeared along the boulevard towards Altea, according to photos posted on Facebook.

Local authorities suspect the pig came from the nearby Serra Gelada Nature Reserve, which spans more than 2,000 hectares in the area between Benidorm and Altea. This coastal area is also popular with winter visitors. The climate is pleasant in winter.

Wild boars can be a big problem, not because of beach etiquette, but because they eagerly feed on cultivated crops. They also regularly cause traffic accidents, destroy golf courses, and sometimes come face to face with people, which is not without danger. Wild boars can also spread a variety of diseases. The local authorities in neighboring Denia now flick off a plan to fight monsters with bows and arrows. Hunting with firearms is prohibited.

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