Pancho is a workhorse

Pancho is a workhorse

There are antioxidant spots from sweat in the ring around the sound box. A brown and green line runs across the sheet. From Brown Bart von Strain’s thumb, the green from his metal finger grip. Extra wear is drawn across the skin with his little finger and ring finger resting on his hands while playing. He once bought this Gibson ponzo as an item in the US, but he could not sell it. It became his “workhorse”.

In fact, the model is not optimal for sound Bluescross PokemonHe explains. The band, which plays with Tim Knoll and many others, and has toured extensively internationally, approaches the Bluegrass tradition in a punk way. “Everything is for the public. So I have to play hard, but the good thing about this poncho is that you can play those sweet, loud bells too. Von Strain has to do what he can for it, because they only use one microphone for the whole band, where Mandel’s solos quickly dominate. So over the years, he began to wear the banjo on his chest, pushing it towards the microphone. “It helps me have a little more belly.”

When he bought it from an expert in the United States thirty years ago, another poncho, Kentucky, thought it was really good. But selling Gibson in the Netherlands is easy. The low dollar will help pay for his trip to the Tennessee Banjo Conference.

Photo by Andreas Derlock

When he got home he started playing in it. He noticed over tones that did not reach his taste coming from the neck against the tone ring. He began to improve and file. And play. No sales. He still joined it. Beauty sometimes overtakes him when he sees her standing in the living room.

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If the parts need to be replaced, he will disassemble it himself. That’s part of the relationship. When someone else does it, he always feels the need to rediscover his entire tool.

Although the banjo is a common American musical instrument, its origins are in Africa, and its vocal cords are the zucchini. And that sound box is very important. “This leather fits in well with the existing tone ring. I’m a little worried now that my paper factory has stopped production. “That’s why it’s old now with a little bit of dirt.”

Not long ago she bought another that is supposed to be the best model in the US. Not an alternative, but the dollar was low again, which is a good investment. Yes, he knows he will not sell it. “I don’t see tools as machines. They have a soul. Well, this is mostly your own project. The soul of my first poncho is related to playing on the street in France and the soul of my current maids at festivals in Ireland and the United States. When I hold it around my neck, I am not afraid to suddenly stand in front of the microphone.

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