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Padel is the new hype of the moment

Groningen – Padel is the new hype. Ball sport quickly became extremely popular in the Netherlands and Belgium, among other countries. Has it already started?

The paddle sport is prevalent at the present time. New Albadil Stadiums are opening across the country and more and more people seem to be picking up the Baddel Paddle. Sport is a mixture of tennis and squash. Just like in tennis, you have to hit the ball over the net. The goal is for the ball to bounce only once, and then to hit it again over the net with a swing. However, the ball may also come out of bounds and even touch any walls. This is the well-known aspect of squash that has been added to the sport.

Padel is popular in the Netherlands

The Padel is a new hype nowadays, but a Mexican invention was invented as early as 1962. It wasn’t until 2000 that the sport became popular in regions like southern Europe and Latin America, including Spain, Argentina, and Mexico. But recently, Badel has also arrived in our country. Curiously, famous footballers in particular seem to be enjoying Baddel. Famous players such as Robin van Persie can be faced at Al-Baddal Stadium. Even the world-famous Lionel Messi has his own tennis court in his garden.

Tough and varied

What makes paddle so popular is probably that it is more exciting in tennis. Since the ball may also hit walls, there is a lot of dynamism in the game. For this reason, paddleboard is often played in a cage-like or cage-like setting. Fast rally makes it challenging and varied at the same time and you can also play exchange with 2 to 4 players indoors and out. Moreover, the scoring rules and the paddle rules are very similar to those of tennis. Padel is more or less a mixture of tennis and squash.

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In the Netherlands, the KNLTB tennis federation is in charge of the paddle sport. The federation has been organizing tournaments since 2019, which is one of the reasons behind the development of Albadil into a popular soccer sport. After all, anyone familiar with sports like tennis or squash can hit the ball, too. It is no wonder that the paddle fields in our country also appeared like mushrooms. Only prof Buy a paddle racket And go. In Spain, paddle became the second sport in the country after football. Will it also get there in the Netherlands?

Photo: LisaVanDorp / Pixabay

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