'Own' means eating |  Movie

‘Own’ means eating | Movie

In this film adaptation, the grandfather’s visit opens up old wounds Nor’s Revenge (2010) by Tosca Menten. His daughter hides in the vegetable garden and pretends not to be home, while his sister reacts in denial. Grandpa’s visit is an unpleasant surprise for the granddaughters, who don’t even know he actually exists. Because he steals the shed that is her and her best friend’s domain without much ado.

Bob’s eventual meltdown has to do with the birthday present Grandpa arranges for her. A beautiful piglet, her mother will only let her stay if she successfully completes puppy training. Listening teaches the animal, but toilet training is one thing to say the least. There are shit jokes that appeal especially to younger audiences Murmuring Not from the air.

The dilemma between the adults infuses this animated film with subtle humor. Thanks to Jelka van Houten and Henry van Loon for voicing Babs’ parents. Keys Prince (grandfather), Los Luca (aunt) and Alex Klaassen (dog trainer) also make important contributions to the success. Murmuring.

Meanwhile, grandfather’s sinister secret stirs tension in this cleverly animated family film set in a traditional Dutch setting. Director Mascha Halberstad and his team combine a good rhythm and detail with a heart-warming ‘character design’. Especially when the fiber itself has to die.

(4 out of 5)

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