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Swedish Elmor overclocked the Intel Core i9 13900K processor to the highest clock speed ever run. The chip reached a clock speed of 8.8GHz with nitrogen cooling, with the CPU only boosting to 5.5GHz by default.

Checking the overclocking result can be found at CPU-Z موقع. There it can be seen that the processor was used with eight active cores, seven of which operate at a frequency of 3 GHz and one at a record-breaking 8812 MHz. This is nothing more than usual with this type of record; all about it stable screenshot Get it from the system.

CPU-Z screenshot of overclocking history

Use Elmor a ASUS ROG Maximus Z790 ApexMotherboard to try to record, ASUS motherboard makes it specifically for overclocking. For example, for memory overclocking, the board has only two DDR5 slots. For cooling, Elmor used liquid nitrogen with a temperature of -196 °C, and poured it into a prototype of a self-developed Elmor Volcano LN2 pot.

So far, the clock speed record has been kept by The Stilt, which clocked the AMD FX-8370 to 8722MHz. It happened in 2014 – so for eight years no one has been able to achieve a higher clock speed. Prior to the introduction of AMD FX dozer-based chips, this record was often held by Pentium 4 and Celeron D processors, known for their ability to reach very high clock frequencies. Intel announced the Core i9 13900K processor on Thursday. So Tweaker posted a file Review of all new 13th generation processorswhich was known by the code name Raptor Lake.

Elmor Overclocking Setup

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