Over 2 meters robotic arm to help bring precious Martian monsters to Earth

Over 2 meters robotic arm to help bring precious Martian monsters to Earth

The advanced robotic arm – which can “see” and “feel” – will capture samples collected by Perseverance and then transport them safely to the first rocket launched from the surface of Mars.

The persistent Mars rover is currently hunting the Red Planet for traces of (decaying) life. The probe takes samples of Martian rocks in different places. The intent is to deliver these samples to Earth in the future so that scientists can put them under close scrutiny here. This is an important mission for the European Space Agency. The European Space Agency will provide a 2-meter robotic arm. This robotic arm will make an important contribution during a future Mars sample return mission.

More about the Mars sample return mission
The mission to return future Mars samples – likely to begin as early as 2028 – is a historic but complex one. Currently, Perseverance stores all collected samples in airtight titanium tubes and carries them in its “belly”. The plan is for the rover to eventually drop all the collected sample tubes onto the surface. Then, during a planned Mars sample return mission, these valuable samples will be captured and brought back to Earth.

To collect monsters by persevering on Earth, you must first capture them on the Red Planet. It will do this using an advanced robotic arm provided by the European Space Agency (ESA). sample transfer arm (STA) wears.

robotic arm
The robot arm will be no less than two meters long and will be able to “see” and “feel”. The robot arm can also make independent decisions. For example, it will be able to recognize, capture and transfer airtight titanium sample tubes of Perseverance to a real rocket; The first to launch from another planet. The rocket will then deliver the monsters to an orbiter, which, after a successful delivery, heads to Earth to safely deposit the precious Martian monsters.

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What would the robotic arm look like? According to the European Space Agency, the robotic arm will resemble in appearance a human arm, consisting of a shoulder, elbow and wrist. In addition, she has a combined mind and eyes. The robotic arm will be equipped with two cameras and several sensors. This will allow him to determine the best course of action and at the same time allow the robot’s arm to move accordingly. In addition, the robot arm will be able to perform many different movements. This agility assists the robotic arm in picking up monsters collected by Perseverance from Earth, placing them in a container, and closing the lid before being launched from a Mars rocket.

Sample Transfer Arm (STA). picture:
Leonardo / Maxson / GMV / OHB Italia / SAB Aerospace sro

According to the European Space Agency, the robotic arm promises to be a force in the world of space robotics. “This robotic arm will be a testament to the vast amount of experience and know how We have it in Europe,” says David Parker of the European Space Agency. “The sample transfer arm It is a helping hand that will take planetary science to the next level.”

“The sample transfer arm It is the helping hand that will take planetary science to the next level.”

The robotic arm will have an Italian touch. After a successful study and prototype phase, the Italian airline Leonardo will design, produce and test the advanced robotic arm. “Our investments enable us to play a leading role in Italy’s exploration of Mars – and in particular during Mars sample return“Important – to confirm,” said Giorgio Sacuccia, head of the Italian Space Agency, ASI.

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The sample transfer arm You will play a vital role in the success Mars sample return-Expedition; A mission expected to revolutionize our understanding of Mars. “It is wonderful to be able to prepare the precious Martian monsters for an extraordinary journey from Mars to Earth,” Parker concluded.

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