Over 100,000 euros for a dental assistant after sexual harassment

Over 100,000 euros for a dental assistant after sexual harassment

In 2011, the woman began working as a dental assistant at Gelderse Dental Clinic. From September 2017 I also worked there several days a week as a practice manager.

sexual harassment

At the end of that year, the assistant and her boss, a dentist and owner of the clinic, visited the United States for a three-day training course. The man presented unwanted sexual adventures.

For example, the dentist kissed her on the head and suggested that she spend the night together in his hotel room.

Broken business relationship

Events in the United States torpedoed the working relationship between the dentist and his assistant. After returning, the woman no longer wanted to be alone in a room with the man, and she had the opportunity. She no longer had to work as his assistant.

But in September 2018, the employer said he was not satisfied with the woman working as a practicing manager. He deprives her of these tasks unilaterally and reduces her salary.

In the same month, the woman filed a complaint about changing the dentist in the same room with her female colleagues. At the end of the month, she called out for the disease.

The working relationship became more strained

This is the beginning of a long period in which women are ill at home, and the relationship between the employer and employee is further strained. For example, a woman will go to court to protest against a unilateral change in her work activities and a cut in her salary.

After the UWV rejects the dismissal permit, the employer goes to court to remain able to fire the woman, in part due to a turbulent work relationship.

Claim for damages

The woman did not oppose the termination of the employment contract on this basis, but demanded compensation of 362,000 euros for the so-called “seriously blameworthy acts” by the employer.

From yesterday it became public pronunciation It appears that the Arnhem District Court ruled last October that the employer had already acted seriously.

guilty act

The District Court notes that the dentist and his assistant view events in the United States at the end of 2017 differently, but rule that there was indeed sexual harassment there at the time due to inappropriate sexual comments and unwanted touches.

The sub-district court also found that it was established that the woman had suffered from this since then, and on the other hand because of this she eventually fell ill. According to the judge, the pedigree was “tightened” by returning her to the job and reducing salaries. Finally, the employer has not adequately fulfilled the reintegration obligations.

Tons of severance payments

This massive act of blame is now costing the dentist dearly, not even thinking about the years the employee has been sick at home.

The sub-district court ruled that the woman was entitled to regular severance payments of around €12,000. In addition, the employer must also pay her additional severance pay. Although it’s not the €362,000 requested, it’s still a huge amount when you add it up: €100,000.

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The dentist’s attorney, Jerdy Sneeby, says her client does not want to comment on the ruling but will appeal. This indicates that we do not fully agree with the statement.” Attorney Robin Weitzer of the dental assistant was unable to provide any explanation.

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