Osama Ahmed “didn’t hear anything” from Bilal Wahib after the much-discussed live broadcast

Bilal and Osama know each other well from their roles in the series Videoland Mafia macro. One evening when Osama was on Instagram Live on his channel, Bilal joined in. “This happened a lot, joining the live stream,” Osama explains. “Then he told that joke. He didn’t know the boy was underage.”

After that, Osama was disappointed with his reaction. He burst out laughing when Bilal asked the boy to show his genitals. “When I looked back, I thought, ‘I should have stopped it. But I couldn’t. I always have to laugh when I’m uncomfortable. I immediately thought: What happened now isn’t right. I immediately felt like it was a mistake.'”

At first Osama hopes to come to a solution with Bilal and discuss everything, but it doesn’t work out. “When Bilal was released, he called me three hours later with Nathan Moskowitz (his manager). They said they were ‘looking at everything’ and that we would talk. They said ‘it’s okay.'” But after that I never heard from them again.

Watch the entire broadcast below.

Although Bilal was initially arrested, he was never prosecuted. There was a criminal offense. The Public Prosecution Service decided to dismiss the case, as it concerned a “totally misplaced procedure” that was not deliberately prepared. For John van den Heuvel, this statement came unexpectedly.

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