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lost in translation. If you look at the original article linked to:

The thrusters were able to burn for 95 seconds instead of the usual 17 seconds or less

There is no “normal” burn time. During this mission, those particular missiles never happened to burn longer than 17 seconds.

For example, NASA wants to know how opening and closing a particular valve affects some parts of the spacecraft

This is really not possible! ‘Valve’, ‘effect’, ‘some parts’…. From the original article you can infer that it is about a valve in the pressure control system, where apparently a small leak has been detected. By opening and closing this valve, they want to know Whether this leakage decreases.

and whether the spacecraft could hover on a closer free trajectory

The original article explains that this is a situation control mode where instead of checking on six axes, the orientation is checked on three axes.

A few days later, it was announced that the capsule has traveled more than 432,210 kilometers in space since its launch.

This also went wrong in an article a few days ago about Artemis I: the spacecraft did not travel 432,210 km. This is the distance between Earth and the planet Gemini, in a straight line. Total distance traveled is irrelevant unless you clearly specify the frame of reference you are using.

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