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There are also people who do not regularly spare a day on a single battery charge. Then only two years later you are already at 600 cycles. You can add a year to that, but if the battery wears out in three years, I think the life of the phone is actually very short. Certainly the top model should be able to last for five years. Replacing the battery after three years is, of course, possible, but in practice no one does. Most devices are no longer worth it.

If you look at my own use, my phone still has an average of 15% litter in the evenings, but there are also days when I have to charge extra. Hardly anyone charges up to 80% and this is not at all necessary for current batteries. You can simply charge it up to at least 95%, without that speeding up the degeneration process.
When charging at higher currents, the cathode is damaged, making it less effective. Previously, it was possible (in theory) that this could also happen in the last 20%, but in practice we don’t see that in reality.
We use a lot of batteries and life is important to us. That’s why we test a number of batteries from each batch, charging and discharging them 1,000 times (5 to 100%). We do this with three current powers (10, 20 and 50 watts). The best batteries reach 1,000 charges at the lowest currents, but with a 50W charge, batteries with between 400 and 600 charges also fall below the 80% limit. Partly with this background, I don’t think 600 cycles will be achieved and the battery will completely stop after 300 cycles. As you reckon, you’re already a good year old and you can no longer do anything with the empty promise of 1,600 charge cycles, but you can replace the battery at your own expense.

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