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The Dutch Psychiatric Association calls for the opening of MBO and higher education with student organizations, educational institutions and the NJR

Higher education and secondary vocational education must be physically resumed as soon as possible. The Dutch Psychiatric Association, the student unions JOB, ISO and LSVb, the MBO Council, the Consortium of Universities of Applied Sciences, the Universities of the Netherlands and the National Youth Council all support this.

The Dutch Psychiatric Association stated in a letter, signed jointly with the above organizations, that investigations by CBS, and the RIVM and Trimbos It appears that many students have psychological problems. This ranges from loneliness, sadness and sleep problems to serious eating disorders and the stress of life. Young people in particular are prone to developing mental problems and now seem to be experiencing the greatest decline in their mental health. The Dutch Psychiatric Association expresses its deep concern about the short and long-term mental damage that young people in the Netherlands are suffering mentally as a result of the Covid measures and in particular the closure of schools and educational institutions. This is why NVvP argues in a file Brief For the opening of MBO, HBO and WO. Because according to Elnathan Prinsen and Arne Popma: “Mental health is part of public health. Mental damage is also a serious damage to health and has the greatest impact of all health problems on healthy years of life over the course of people’s lives.

In a second letter, the organizations also argue for opening up. From an educational point of view e-mail To OMT: Educational institutions should be able to receive all students on site as soon as possible. This is of great importance to the quality of education and the well-being of students.

More than 1.3 million students at MBO, HBO, and WO follow a large portion of their education from screen for 22 months. Many lessons can continue digitally, but education is about much more than simply imparting knowledge. The daily contact between students and teachers is of great importance to the quality of education and the well-being of students. After the first closure, when educational institutions reopened, it became clear again how much students and teachers missed. As the new Minister of Education, Culture and Science Robert Dijgraf also noted: Students are among the most vulnerable groups and are in a very formative stage. We should no longer suspend this formative stage.

Despite the increasing infection rate, all this is pushing in favor of open education. We strongly support the call of the new Minister of Education, Culture and Science to open the doors of educational institutions as soon as possible.

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