Op1 head on Talitha Muusse: “She mistook her nest that she didn’t belong to” |  Turns out

Op1 head on Talitha Muusse: “She mistook her nest that she didn’t belong to” | Turns out

Bert Hoyses, in charge of the broadcasters, on behalf of the broadcasters In 1, Responded to Talitha Mossi’s recent criticism of the talk show. He called up the former talk show host Podcast about the media Including the “control function.” In 1 Weak “and stated that the program” has no principles. “” She was a guest at the table for a bit, “says Huisjes on Radio 1 Today.

Muusse hopes as a presenter In 1 To “give more perspective to the daily news,” but in his own words he got little or no opportunity to do so. For example, her impact was far less than he had hoped for on the one sitting at the table on the show. “I contributed a picture that I can’t verify myself and found it very frustrating,” Alexander Klopp and Ernst Jan Pfuth told their podcast.

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She came in as a complete rookie. She said so herself. Today, Burt Hoysis replies, “She met there for two and a half months.” Media Forum On Radio 1. The editor-in-chief of WNL is ultimately in charge of the talk show on behalf of the broadcasters. It was not then understood that Moss had come to the conclusion that the program had “no principles”. “I have been involved for a very short time. The principles are almost the same as NPO and that is that you get a number of views on the topics and it is lit from different angles.”

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Huisjes explains that KRO-NCRV has participated as a guest broadcaster In 1. Additional broadcasts were made on Sunday in connection with the elections. “If you participate in that as a guest, it may take some time to figure out where the key is in this mechanism. Of course you have fewer employees on Saturdays. You come on Sunday and you have to do your trick, as you probably felt, and then you go again.”

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He understands Moss’s frustration. “I think she started it in good spirits and maybe a little disappointed. In the end, of course, she got into a clash with her own broadcaster about whether you could also be an activist and have conversations with politicians from The Hague at the head of the table. If you interpret that as … “Too tangled.” I can’t believe anyone close In 1 It is intertwined with the political Hague or the rest of civil society. This is not the only case. “

He thinks it has more to do with Moss’ opinions. “I thought: I want to tell these people that they don’t do anything at all, I want to tell them it’s shame. But the journalist is asking questions. He can file a case, but the journalist is not a judge or opinion maker who will lecture someone else. Talk show host in a different setting.” There is nothing wrong with concluding that this role does not fit the jacket. There are many ways to improve yourself, but being a presenter requires you to adapt a little bit to how this program works.

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Huisjes described it surprising that Muusse made the remarks while still aspiring to be a media career. “It feels like a dirty nest, it didn’t even belong to it. She’s outspoken, nice opinion-maker, and she’s not gagged, so I guess you should give her credit. I’ve tried, she’s got experience. She talks about it all the time.” Although he understood it. “This is Talitha Moss. You should want to be. I have no problem with that either.”

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