Only two drivers without fines point to the United States

Only two drivers without fines point to the United States

With six races set to take place this season, only two drivers have been fined for their names: Mick Schumacher and Daniel Ricciardo Schumacher has not scored any penalty points in all seasons so far and Ricciardo recently expired his last penalty points.

Alonso and Castle were convicted in Turkey

At the Turkish Grand Prix weekend, two drivers were fined: Fernando Alonso was awarded two penalty points for colliding with Schumacher and two penalty points were awarded for contacting Alonso in the first corner during the Istanbul race. This was his first sentence for Alonso, and Castlely received another sentence from Spain.

Ricciardo and Schumacher have no criminal records

Drivers who receive 12 penalty points over a 12-month period will be suspended for one race. Prior to the US Grand Prix, only two drivers had a clean criminal record. Lando Norris and Lance Stroll are two drivers with two penalty points. They both have eight penalty points, so watch out for upcoming races.

There are many penalty points for all drivers

Lance Stroll: 8
Lando Norris: 8
Sergio Perez: 7
Sebastian Cut: 6
Nicholas Latifi: 6
Nikita Masebin: 6
Voltaire photos: 4
Yuki Sunoda: 4
George Russell: l 4
Antonio Giovinci: 3
Pierre Casley: 3
Charles Lecklerk: 2
Kimi Rக்கோikknen: 2
Lewis Hamilton: 2
Max Verstappen: 2
Fernando Alonso: 2
Carlos Science: 1
Stephen O’Connor: 1
Mick Schumacher: 0
Daniel Ricciardo: 0

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