Only Seven Left's Reunion concerts have been postponed due to the slight shutdown

Only Seven Left’s Reunion concerts have been postponed due to the slight shutdown

The announced reunion of former boy group Only Seven Left has been postponed indefinitely. The band will perform twice for the first time in seven years, on November 20-21. But due to the new light lockdown, this return has been postponed indefinitely.

“We have been looking forward to it for a year, great disappointment,” the group said on social media. “We are now looking for new dates and will come up with an update as soon as possible. Tickets remain valid. Keep up the courage!”

The concerts will take place at the De Vorstin Concert Hall in Hilversum. Tickets for both shows sold out in no time. The five members of the band will present a new album containing seven new songs after an absence of seven years.

The band’s five members – Bjørgen, Jochem, Hinne, Bram and Roderick – have been working on the new material in the studio in complete secrecy for the past few months. The group was founded in 2005 and has been a huge success in the Netherlands and abroad.

Seven Left has only given concerts in Belgium, UK, Germany, Egypt and Indonesia. The guys were regularly at Hitkrant. The group did two albums that ended up in the Top 100 albums chart. Their biggest hit was Love Will Lighten The Dark from 2012.

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