OnePlus will add an option to disable throttling in OxygenOS 12 – Tablets and Phones – News

This seems reasonable but it is ineffective. The development of new CPUs is largely about dealing with heat. No phone or PC can always run the CPU at full speed. It’s always a compromise between warmth and performance.
You can squeeze more with larger cooling blocks and liquid nitrogen, but that’s not an option with the phone.
Another solution is to slow down your CPU considerably.

Thermal throttling doesn’t sound more than normal to me, but to have you release a software afterwards to narrow the throttle even further into the task you’re selling your product in, I think two different things.

However, I think you as a manufacturer will have to work to keep the device cool, although this is inherently problematic if you also want to design a waterproof device, for example.

I suppose this is mainly because this CPU has a built-in throttling that by itself ensures that the temperature remains limited, or not

Throttle (lowering overclocking) is really only possible with fixed profile values ​​(by the way, focused more on battery saving than temperature), you can adjust the overclocking. It can be fitted with a fan, with which I can (as far as I’ve tested) do hours of hard work on 3Ghz without throttling. But it can be argued that this is not an option for every phone design/user.

That’s why I run LineageOS

Well, that’s exactly the point I’m skipping. I’ve been trying to get everything Google out of it as much as possible and I’d like to move to an OS that’s closer to privacy. Unfortunately, I’m missing the processor options I have now with the stock version from the manufacturer and I don’t see any possibilities of managing this with other apps.

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Overall, I don’t agree that CPUs can’t run at full capacity 24/7, which is certainly possible, although I understand you have limitations with smartphones. This is why it is important to leave the hardware running to its full potential, otherwise you are only buying the specs, but not the performance that really belongs to it.

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