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Some say tablets are dead, especially Android tablets.
I would happily buy a good tablet, but one with a 4:3 aspect ratio.
It’s almost impossible to find with Android, so I struggle with my old Teclast X98 Air 2.

Why not an iPad?
Well, I have an iPad Air, but I still use an older, slower Chinese Android tablet every day and not the iPad.
Can I choose my browser (Firefox), with extensions, can I transfer files by myself, can I put books, music, comics etc. myself instead of the iTunes dragon that crashes regularly on transfer.
iPad is very good, I think iPadOS for my useJust less flexible.
iPadOS is very good for drawing or composing music, no doubt. It’s incredible what you can buy for money!

Why is it not a Windows tablet?
Because Windows 10 completely absorbs the tablet. The explorer does not drag anything to work with the finger. And there are still many things that weren’t designed for finger-touch control at all, even after all those years since Windows 8.
And I have a Specter x360 that I can control as a tablet and a Surface Pro.
But as I said, I keep grabbing my 6.5 year old Chinese Android tablet…

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