One-year-old Roberta Mezzola elects new President of the European Parliament |  Policy

One-year-old Roberta Mezzola elects new President of the European Parliament | Policy

Roberta Mezzola has been elected as the new President of the European Parliament on her 43rd birthday this morning. She is the third woman to hold this position. The Maltese Christian Democrat succeeds Italian Social Democrat David Sassoli, who passed away last week.

Two opponents to the Green Party and the far left proved to be unsuccessful this morning, as the Social Democrats and the Liberals abandoned their candidates after having already won reparations in yesterday’s negotiations in the form of more Vice Presidents and other top positions and solid politics. a program. The election of the President of the European Parliament is usually pre-arranged, because the two largest political groups cut the term in two and then give each other 2.5 years.

She defeated Mitsula, who can be found regularly as first vice president, in November last year Dutch party member Esther de Lange Thus he became the candidate of the European People’s Party. It presents itself as a builder of bridges that, along with other pro-European parties, wants to seek more support for the European Parliament and project. As President, one of her tasks will soon be to address European Heads of State and Government at the start of every EU summit.


Mitsula, who previously worked as a lawyer and in the European diplomatic corps, is known in Malta for being outspoken in his fight against corruption. The minus of the left and liberal renewal is its outspoken anti-abortion stance. Mitsula, herself a mother of four, tried to overcome this objection by consulting the parties with the promise that she would always work to strengthen the position of Parliament.

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Little Malta had never before had such a prominent European position. To date, Parliament Speakers invariably come from a large EU country or from one of the first member states. Mitsula is also the youngest Speaker of Parliament ever.

“Mitsula has shown that even if you are young and come from a small country, you can build broad alliances,” says EPP member de Lange. “Twenty years later, it’s also time to appoint a president.” The new president also receives congratulations from MEP Christinoni, MEP Van Dalen, PvdA Member Jongerius, and fellow D66 In ‘t Veld. The latter immediately gives Mitsula homework. To champion the cause of combating climate change and for a toothless parliament, for example.

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