One last chance to avoid escalating

One last chance to avoid escalating

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine have been lingering for a long time and are now approaching boiling point. The question is whether Putin will occupy Ukraine. A meeting between Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen will take place on Friday. All hopes are embedded in it to alleviate the situation as much as possible.

Diplomat Robert van de Royer says Good Morning is blocking the rise of ‘one last chance’ at the NPO1 in the Netherlands. “Last week there were already high-level bilateral talks between the Americans and the Russians, and later in the week there was a large meeting at NATO and the Organization for Security and Cooperation (OSCE) in Europe, but all of this was done. Request for written guarantee of.

NATO has confirmed that Ukraine’s membership is unrealistic. It is noteworthy why NATO does not want to put this in writing or meet this requirement. Van de Royer is clear about this: “Because Russia is not about that. You make promises to an arbitrator who is not a member of your club. According to Van de Royer, this is a ‘logic’.

From a conversation published by Forum Policy twenty years ago, Putin seems to have wondered if he could join NATO. Van de Royer explains that the evolution of Putin’s thinking can be seen here: “After the invasion of Georgia and Crimea, that thinking changed completely. Also, recall that in 1994 Russia granted a security guarantee to Ukraine in exchange for Ukraine’s surrender of nuclear weapons.

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Biden and Macron talk

Van de Royer says he could not believe his ears when he heard Fiden’s speech. The US president was speculating whether Putin would launch a “big” or “small” attack. “I do not think Biden would have done this twenty years ago. The White House issued a statement in half an hour to fix it. Yesterday Biden sat down like a robot glued to his paper and read a statement in which he deviated completely from his words the day before. This indicates how high the tension is.

According to Van de Royer, Biden alone did not have a significant speech. French President Emmanuel Macron also made a bizarre speech in the European Parliament in which he said that we, the European Union, need to speak directly with Russians outside the United States. “Everyone in Brussels said this at the highest level: a nonsensical statement by the French president!” France now uses Europe as a tool for French power. In a crisis situation it is not the right method.


Van de Royer notes that Putin has not been pressured by the West. According to him, efforts should be made to repent him. In the absence of restraint, Putin could push his limits too far to drive his course.

To reassure this, Van de Royer says: “Try to talk to the Russians about training, communication, conflict management and weapons control. Maybe there’s a small chance. “

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Source: Menen Seijkens

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