Once again pressure on European motorways due to traffic congestion |  Currently

Once again pressure on European motorways due to traffic congestion | Currently

It will be very crowded again on Saturday on the roads in and out of European holiday countries, although the roads are not as crowded as they were a week ago. The crowding is now caused not only by people going on vacation, but also by returning vacationers, ANWB reports. There are significantly many traffic jams in Croatia.

In France, there were 917 kilometers of traffic jams at noon. The busiest motorways are the A9, A75, A7 and A61, each with between 60 and 90 kilometers of traffic jams. In Spain, you have to be patient for about an hour and a half on the AP-7 before the border with France.

It is also occupied in other European countries. This is noticeable in Germany on the A7 motorway between Hamburg and Flensburg, near the border with Denmark. Traffic in both directions was delayed for more than an hour on Saturday morning. In southern Germany it is busy on the A8 motorway from Munich to Salzburg and on the A7 motorway from Füssen to Ulm.

According to ANWB, it is noticeably busy in Croatia. There are traffic jams from Zagreb to the coast, and on the border with Slovenia, traffic in both directions is prohibited. On the border between Slovenia and Austria, the waiting time for Karawankentunnel is about 45 minutes.

Traditionally, there is a traffic jam in front of the Gotthard Tunnel in Switzerland. There is a one hour delay in both directions. In Italy, it connects mainly with the A22 from Modena to Brenner. In the south, the additional journey takes more than two hours, and in the north an hour and a half.

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