Once again Oxford the best university in the world, China is on the rise

Once again Oxford the best university in the world, China is on the rise

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The University of Oxford has been named the best university in the world for the seventh year in a row. The famous university tops the year World University Rankings From the British magazine Times for Higher Education.

The Netherlands is represented in the top 100 with seven universities.

The Times Higher Education aggregates thirteen performance indicators into the categories of education, research, knowledge transfer, and international vision.

China’s rise

Remarkably, the number of US universities on the list is declining and Chinese universities are increasing. Although American and British universities still dominate the top ten, there is a clear shift.

There are 34 US universities in the top 100, up from 43 in 2018. The number of Chinese educational and research institutions on the list has risen from two to seven in recent years. Two Chinese universities are among the top 20.

The number of Chinese scientific publications has been growing steadily since the 1990s. according to The Wall Street Journal According to research from the scientific journal Syntometrics China has overtaken the United States as a world leader in the latest research.

top of the world

At the same time, an American professor notes in the newspaper that there are almost 3,000 universities in China, and only the top of these universities can compete in the world top. to compare; There are thirteen large universities in the Netherlands, half of which are in the top 100 international universities.

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