Once again, Americans skate in a hobo bag that is not aerodynamic

Once again, Americans skate in a hobo bag that is not aerodynamic

Just like in 2014, Americans ski in a bunk suit. Check out the photos of Joey Mantia and Kjeld Nuis below: Above the American crotch, the suit bulges quite a bit, in the Nuis things are a little tighter.

This photo is not just an unfortunate snapshot. Many former skaters immediately realize that there is something wrong with Team USA’s ski suits. Mark Twittert asks, “How can you make an Olympic debut in this suit?” “Best check out the aerodynamics of the #Teamusa.”

The suits are very wide and therefore fluttered, which of course is not aerodynamic. So skaters have to put up with air resistance and that costs energy. In 2014, Americans competed at the Winter Games in Sochi Also in modest suits.

Mantia and Bo
The American skaters in Beijing have been disappointing so far. Joey Mantia was the title favorite in the 1500m, but finished sixth after a poor final lap. Brittany Beau was a podium favorite in the 1500m and finished only 10th.

In general, bad advertisements for Under Armor, who also signed the hated suits in 2014.

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