On holiday to America with a dog

On holiday to America with a dog

Wednesday 07 September 2022 15.52 hrs

Leverton – Many people like to go on holiday with their dog. Few countries in the world are as ideal for this as the United States, as there are countless national parks and nature reserves that can be explored with a dog. Passengers should have proper documents and a Apply for ESTA.

Activities with Dog in USA

America is a great travel destination for dog owners. Nature and national parks in the country in particular offer many opportunities for fun activities to do with your four-legged friend. All national parks in the country allow dogs. Many parks only allow dogs on paved roads, but there are also national parks that allow dogs on trails. Acadia National Park in Maine or Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona are examples of beautiful national parks that can take your dog anywhere. Here you can take beautiful walks with your dog, spend long days outside and enjoy unique landscapes.

Vaccinations required for travel to the United States

The most important vaccination for traveling with a dog to the US is against rabies. Most US states require a dog to be vaccinated against rabies. Vaccination is also mandatory to bring the pet home. Your dog must also be healthy and undergo a medical examination within 3 days of departure, which must be noted in the passport. Quarantine upon arrival is not mandatory. Note: Different states in the US have different rules. For example, Hawaii has very strict rules regarding entry with a dog.

Necessary travel documents

To be allowed to travel to the United States with a dog, the dog must have a chip so that it can be identified. A pet passport is also required for traveling with a pet. Additionally, don’t forget to apply for a travel permit for each passenger. In most cases, an ESTA is sufficient for travel to the US, but not necessary Physical visa for USA Request A travel permit is required for every passenger, including children. You can easily apply for ESTA USA through the online application form. The process only takes a few minutes and can be completed online.

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Travel Planning USA

Once all necessary documents such as visa or ESTA, animal passport and vaccinations are arranged, the trip can be planned. A popular way to travel in the US is by motorhome or caravan. These can easily be rented on site. As a result, one can enjoy the ultimate freedom and not have to take into account pet restrictions in hotels and restaurants. An ESTA allows you to spend up to 90 consecutive days in the US, which gives you enough time to explore different parts of the country.

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