Omroep Flevoland – News – Thousands of people watch Walter Kroes, Jan Smit and Frans Doijts in Zeewolde

Omroep Flevoland – News – Thousands of people watch Walter Kroes, Jan Smit and Frans Doijts in Zeewolde

Nine to ten thousand people enjoyed the AVROTROS music festival on Wednesday evening on the Plein in Zeewolde. About thirty artists appeared. This was the first time the music event had visited the province.

“Did Flevoland have to wait a long time for this?” singer Walter Cross asks in surprise as he finishes his performance. “It’s a beautiful province. “This is a beautiful place in Zeewolde.” When the singer performs “Viva Hollandia,” he enthusiastically sings “Zeewolde is here.” “This is our audience,” the singer says he is happy he can appear during this musical.

Jan Smit also remains a favorite with many attendees. De Volendammer sings some of the songs himself, including the intro, but he also hosts the evening. His sister Monique Smit also sang. In addition to the Smit family, Frans Doijts, Marko Schwittmaker, Mart Hoogkammer, and Ruth Jacott, among others, appear. Play Jacquot with replay.

Orange theme
The first part of the evening was devoted to the European Football Championship. The artists often wore orange outfits and sang modified orange versions of their songs. “I had some problems with the lyrics myself, because I’ve been singing the song for a long time. A little mistake with the lyrics, but I don’t think anyone heard that,” singer Rene Schuurmans said of the European Championship version of “Let the Sun in Your Heart.”

Zeewolde opened the city hall for people in wheelchairs to attend the musical. They can watch and listen to the artists from the second floor of the building. Johan Schorstra is there too. “This is a great thing to experience.” He says it would have been difficult for him if he had to go among the crowds in the square. He is grateful that the municipality opened the building to them. “You have a nice view here.”

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AVROTROS announced last month that the TV show is coming to Raadhuisplein in Zeewolde. This happened at the invitation of the municipality, as Zeewolde has been in existence for forty years. The broadcaster looks back at a “very beautiful, fun and musical evening”. They talk about a “beautiful” photo.

On TV in June
Shows are broadcast in parts. The European Championship edition of the music festival will be broadcast on NPO1 on Friday 7 June. The second and third parts of the evening can be watched on television on June 28 and July 19.

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