Omroep Flevoland – News – Lowlands Science: working under the influence of karaoke and language

Visitors to the Lowlands can once again lend a helping hand to science this year. Several universities and hospitals are leading the eight studies in which festival visitors in Biddinghuizen are used as “lab rats”.

One study comes from the University of Amsterdam. Scientists want to investigate “Ameezing Karaoke” how much effort it takes visitors to switch between different languages. Bianca Pander from campaign agency BKB expects this research to become the most popular. It is actually a kind of karaoke battle where visitors sing a classic song in Dutch, but the songs suddenly differ from what was expected.

Bander says on-site investigations in Biddinghuizen take a maximum of fifteen minutes. Moreover, working on it should be interesting for visitors. There was no shortage of interest in the coming years. “Two years ago, researchers were very happy if 300 people could do the study. One day later, more than 500 people showed up for the study, so it’s more than just a charade,” says Bander.

The most striking research is the organization of Dr. drink d. shiver’. In it, scientists from Radboudumc investigate the effect of alcohol and fatigue on your surgical ability. “It is possible that doctors who are not on duty, and therefore in principle allowed to drink something, are being called in to assist in complex emergency operations,” the site reads. In this case, it is important to find out if the surgeon’s skills are impaired by alcohol.

The research results are eventually published, for example, in scientific journals or discussed during conferences. Lowlands is this year from August 20 to 22 at the festival site in Biddinghuizen. All tickets are already sold out.

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