Omroep Flevoland – News – Flevoland companies are hampering by closing UK borders

Flevoland companies face hurdles due to the sudden closure of the border with the UK. Due to a mutated type of Coronavirus, surrounding European countries imposed a ban on flights and prevented passengers from boarding ferries. The Canal Tunnel between France and England is also closed for at least 48 hours for traffic to the European mainland.

Many carriers, including Brouwer Transport in Urk and Zeewolde’s Wolter Koops, have to deal with drivers who are stuck in England and have nowhere to go. “We spend a lot of our time on it,” said an employee at Brouwer Transport. It is not clear how many trucks and drivers were participating from Flevoland.

Alderman Ij Jan de Jong of Zeewold (CDA) consulted with carrier Wolter Koops. According to De Jonge, it’s about three hundred drivers of the company who are stuck in England. He hopes to find a quick solution for the truck drivers and says he is consulting with politicians in The Hague.

Stuck on a boat
There are also Flevolanders who work in the UK and may not be able to go home in time for the holidays. One chicken is Peter Boone. The 27-year-old Urk is on a boat north of Scotland near the coastal town of Buckie. There he works on a wind farm. Another team will feel at ease on Wednesday.

He says from the boat: “They are now in quarantine in a hotel.” By NOS. “Nobody knows what will happen next. Both the plane and the ferry to the Netherlands have been canceled.” He is disappointed that he might not be able to celebrate the holidays at his home in Urk with his girlfriend. “Last year I was already on the boat for Christmas and New Years, but then I picked it myself so I wouldn’t have to go this year.”

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He says he expects to remain stuck in the boat until after the New Year. He laughs, “If that is the case, I think the business owner should pay for our drinks.” “Then we’ll just drink!”

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