Olcay Gulsen shares disturbing ceiling photos: ``Things are not going well'

Olcay Gulsen shares disturbing ceiling photos: “Things are not going well’

Olcay’s Instagram Story shows the extent of the large cracks in the roof of their expansive home. “It’s not going well. It’s coming one day,” Olcay says. “I think today,” Rudd replies.

The photo then shows that the ceiling pieces are already on their worktops. Understandably, the media personality is just starting to look for a safer place to stay. “I sat upstairs for a while, because I feel a little safer there, as you might understand. (…) I just need help now, isn’t there a 112 sort of for dilapidated ceilings?”

A little later Olcay comes with an update. “Bushra: Rodd has discovered a company that specializes in restoring antiques and they have an emergency service (…) they will come on Monday and hope they can strengthen the roof temporarily.” Olcay continues, “We’ve been sitting around a few weeks in misery, because the roof probably has to come out.”

The couple had a turbulent year, after it was revealed that Rudd had colon cancer. It has now been successfully treated and declared clean and Olcay can focus on her work again. For example, it will expand its cooperation with UN Women in the Netherlands. Although life is smiling at them, we shouldn’t expect the two to tie the knot.

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