Olaf Scholz, the new president of Germany

Olaf Scholz, the new president of Germany

Olaf Scholes has been elected President of the German Parliament. His appointment also marks the end of Angela Merkel’s sixteen-year term in the Christian Democrats.

Before Scholz becomes president, the ruling parties must first vote. Olaf Scholz won the majority. ‘It’s a hammer blow,’ ‘says German correspondent Derk Marseille. ‘The Cabinet and Parliament were established weeks ago. Now Germany can really work.

Europe as a federation

One of the new president’s first steps was to visit France. “He’s copying Merkel a little bit. He’s meeting Macron first. Sholes wants to make progress in Europe,” Marseille explains.

Scholes was a Social Democrat deputy under Angela Merkel and a former finance minister. However this is not without a struggle. There have been a lot of mistakes in resolving the wireless scam. His ministry recently launched an investigation into alleged errors in money laundering cases.

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Merkel divorces

Angela Merkel retires from politics. ‘In the United States he noted that his meeting calendar was empty for the first time. She said, ‘I’m going to start a book. If my eyes get tired, I’m going to take a nap, ‘says Marcel. “In that case, the newspapers say, she’s going to get a divorce.

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