Oil from the parked Gibraltar ship reaches shores

Oil from the parked Gibraltar ship reaches shores


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The beaches of Gibraltar and some neighboring Spanish beaches were polluted with oil. The fuel comes from the cargo ship that ran aground near British overseas territory on Monday night after its collision.

Municipal workers and volunteers began cleaning up beaches and coastlines, as well as oiled seabirds. Because of the oil spill, swimming or fishing is prohibited in the area.

Meanwhile, rescue teams are trying to pump as much heavy fuel oil as possible from the cargo ship. Authorities said a tank in the stern of the bulk carrier was nearly empty. It will be difficult to empty the front tank with 126 tons of HFO because the arc is submerged. By Friday, about 250 tons of diesel had already been pumped from the ship.

France Press agency

Ship parked outside the port of Gibraltar

The cargo ship on its way to Vlissingen was loaded with steel. The 178-meter ship collided with a tanker carrying liquid gas for unknown reasons and ran aground. There is a danger that the ship will break in two if the sea becomes more turbulent.

Local media reported the release of one of the ship’s crew members, who had previously been arrested. It might be the captain.

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