“Oh, that’s a bad result.”

“Oh, that’s a bad result.”

The first episode of Today inside the Orange competition Friday evening turned out to be a disappointing one for Wilfried Jenny, as taxonomist Tina Nijkamp knows. In terms of viewing figures, the program recorded similar results Veronica Offside.

The first episode began on Friday evening at 8.40pm Today inside the Orange competition. Nijkamp reveals that this first broadcast attracted only 245,000 viewers. “Oh, not the best result,” she wrote on Instagram. “These are Veronica Offside’s results for Wilfred, not Today Inside’s numbers.”

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I returned later in the evening Today inside Back to the normal format, but later than usual. There were good results there, says Nijkamp. Today Inside Orange records 881,000 viewers at 11pm. That’s high, much higher than what Shownieuws usually records there.

Poor ratings for Sixth plowing competition This may be partly due to the start of the European Championship. Preview of the match between Germany and Scotland began at 8:30 p.m., with the match starting half an hour later. According to Nijkamp, ​​a total of 2,175,000 viewers saw how easily the host country dealt with the Scots. These numbers are close to the numbers of people who watched the opening matches of the European Championship in 2021 and the World Cup in 2022.

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