Note: Security issue – update your Chrome browser now

Note: Security issue – update your Chrome browser now

Do you see in Chrome at the top right that an update is ready? Make sure you do this as soon as possible. Google has released a patch for a major security vulnerability in the Chrome web browser.

Zeroday bug

It’s a zero-day bug, more precisely a confusion bug in the V8 Javascript engine. This means that something is not checked properly before it is uploaded, so you can secretly use malicious code without checking properly. This is not the first time that problems have appeared in the Javascript engine: in the past year, Google has also had to come up with various patches.

Hackers will exploit this vulnerability in the program very actively. No more additional details and outputs are provided, but the most important thing for now is to make sure you have the latest version of Chrome running. Are you sure you have the correct version? It is Google Chrome 112.0.5615.121. This is the web version of the app, so you can download it on Linux, Windows, and macOS.

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The vulnerability has code CVE-2023-2033 and Google is writing about it Silence: “Access to bug details and links may be restricted until the majority of users have updated with a fix. We’ll also impose restrictions if the bug is in a third-party library that other projects depend on, if it hasn’t already been fixed.” So it seems like a critical bug.

If you want to check which version of Chrome you’re running, go to the three dots in the top right corner of your Chrome browser. You can then select “Settings” and then choose “About Chrome” on the bottom right. The window is reloaded and checks if you are running the latest version of the browser. So just check, you know you can safely continue using the internet after that.

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