Not only in the United States, but also in the Netherlands, The Dog is being held to explain to parents that children can judge by their skin color.

Not only in the United States, but also in the Netherlands, The Dog is being held to explain to parents that children can judge by their skin color.

This is the conversation of parents of black children in the United States: Speech. Parents speak out against the fact that children can be treated differently. Parents also have this difficult conversation in the Netherlands. Including Ellen Brutet.

He received goosebumps in the verdict in the George Floyd case. The fact that Officer Derek Chou had been proven guilty moved her more than she expected. “But we still have a long way to go to get there,” says Ellen Brutet. As the experiences of his own children demonstrate, a lot more changes are needed in the Netherlands. She has prepared them for ‘things to come’.

To prepare

“You know you have to talk to them about this one day,” Brudet says. Through Color Goodies in his store, he is determined to bring more color to the community. For example, she sells dark toys because it is natural for children to enjoy color in society from an early age, and black children also identify themselves with toys.

“Now when I say this, I get goosebumps again,” he says. “My eldest son was about 14-15 when I was growing up with him. I remember very well what he said: ‘Uncle, you put too much salt on all the snails.’ But I realized later what it meant. Get ready for what’s to come. “

‘Knowing We Are Seen Different’

Self-awareness and awareness of what others think of you was sent by her mother. Until she died, my mother told me and my brother that we were beautiful and should embrace our blackness. And we need to know that we are viewed differently. Was, but it’s just in your head. “

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“I think it helped my kids, and of course I wish I hadn’t said this,” he continues. “I always told them, ‘I can never feel what you feel, but I see you.’ I feel what my sons are doing, but the way I enjoy it on my own. But I have to say this to prepare them. They don’t really want it. “

“Of course you can’t do anything else, but no one expected it to really happen,” says Lisette from the United States. As a mother, her biggest fear is that her children will face police brutality.

‘You immediately look like a criminal’

Unfortunately, her children’s stories prove that it is nothing. “My oldest has already experienced everything in the field of racial profiling,” he says. “Held for his color, things like that.”

“Not so long ago it was fashionable to wear those pants too low,” he exemplified. “I asked him: ‘Please don’t do that, you will immediately look like a criminal.’ I notice that my younger brother understands it better than my older ones at the time. Much has been said about it now. His time was very short. “

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Words make a difference

He thinks black boys and colored boys are harder than girls, he says. “I don’t have a daughter to compare this to, but I think guys are more likely to be viewed as suspects or criminals. I think many will say this.”

“I talk to friends often about this, but in the store, I talk to customers.” Because she thinks that if something is important it is awareness. “Words or word choices are important. We show the beauty of people of any color through the toys in the store. There are these wow moments with customers every day. It’s so beautiful. Then money can not beat what I enjoy.”

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