Not everyone believes in the fictional love story of Jeffrey and Journey in MAFS |  RTL Street

Not everyone believes in the fictional love story of Jeffrey and Journey in MAFS | RTL Street

In the latest episode of Married at First Sight, the fifth couple ties the knot. According to experts, Jeffrey (35) and Journey (34) are a “match made in heaven.” But not everyone at the wedding thinks so…

“You don't just marry a complete stranger.”

Jurnee is a single mother of two and a gas station manager. Her life has been on exactly the right path, but she's just missing a “friend by her side.” Experts in Married at first sight We know for sure: electrician Jeffrey is the perfect partner for her. He is a single father of three children. Geoffrey and Journey will gently explode, according to expert Patrick van Veen.

Jeffrey is really looking forward to his wedding day and goes out with his mother and daughter Issa in search of the perfect ring for his unknown wife. Jurni, in turn, is busy finding the dress of her dreams. During this search they both receive a letter and a gift from their future partner. Jernie in particular is very enamored with her groom's gift. You receive a DVD of the movie Titanic. “This will be three hours of sitting on the couch,” she says with a big smile.

Then there's the big moment: the wedding day. This does not happen without struggle. When Jeffrey puts on his suit, his mother immediately discovers a big problem. There is no knot in the tie. “I really don't know how to do this,” she says nervously. In the end, the two were able to wear ties. The nervous Geoffrey serenades his nerves with the songs of his great idol, Jan Smit.

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Meanwhile, Carlo Bouchard is talking to all the guests at the wedding. The same goes for the groom's parents, Sim and Wilma. “Are you nervous?” The announcer asks Jeffrey's father. Sim firmly answers that this is not so. “Do you believe in experience?” The groom's father responds that he does not believe in the experience “at all.” This doesn't happen often Married at first sight That wedding guests are very honest. “It doesn't bother me. I think it should come from calling beforehand. You don't just marry a complete stranger,” Sim is very harsh.

Fortunately, Jeffrey's children are a little more optimistic than their grandfather. Carlo takes Issa and Jan to their future extra mother. Jeffrey's mother, Wilma, is also coming. Jurney has a huge crush on Jeffrey's mother. “What beautiful eyes!” Journey says as soon as she sees her future mother-in-law. Mother Wilma, Isa and Jan are also very happy with Jernie. “I love her so much,” Wilma smiles.

Journey's sons Cain and Raylene also put their future stepfather through his paces. Ken has a burning question for him. “Are you with Feyenoord?” he asks hopefully. Fortunately for Keane, Jeffrey is also a Rotterdam fan. Together they sing part of their beloved club song. Jeffrey also passed screening for his additional children.

The children have agreed to their parents' future reward, but what do Jeffrey and Journey think of each other? The couple is nervous, but they are both smiling from ear to ear the first time they look into each other's eyes. Anyway, first impression is good.

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We can see how Jeffrey and Journey's love story will end in the coming weeks. do you see Married at first sight Every Tuesday and Wednesday at 8:30pm on RTL 4. You can watch on Videoland.

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