Not a morning person?  This is how you wake up, according to science

Not a morning person? This is how you wake up, according to science

Do you find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning? Then there is now a solution according to the scientists. You can change yourself from a night owl to a morning person.

Sometimes I find it difficult to get up on my own. Better lie down and sleep for a while. I stumble in Shower Before I get up really underwater. Fortunately, everything could be simpler according to science. You can become a morning person.

From night owl to morning person

Rafael Pelayo is a sleep expert at Stanford University. He did an interview recently Stanford Journal. It tells you how to become a morning person.

According to Pelayo, everyone is either a morning person or a night owl. Your genes determine that. They play an important role in how you sleep and when you want to go to bed or get up. However, you can train yourself to become a morning person. It just takes some practice.

Choose clear times for getting up and going to bed

First of all, it is important to choose the time when you want to wake up. According to Pelayo, it’s easier to fix than when you go to bed. And yes, he clearly has a point.

Many people think that the time you wake up is determined by your bedtime, but nothing could be further from the truth. Your brain is trying to predict the sunrise and sunset.

Do you want to sleep better? Then try this handy trick with light!

Once you determine that, you can set your bedtime and become a morning person. So you have to decide how many hours of sleep you want. Pelayo recommends it be between 7 and 9 hours to help you feel fresher.

Morning person sleep wake up squid netflix game
Decide what time you want to wake up. (photo: Netflix)

don’t fall asleep

This is the same mistake I make as an anti-morning person. I fell asleep away. However, this is not a good idea. You trade dream time for light sleep, Pelayo says, and that’s a bad deal. It’s best to get up right away so you have extra minutes that don’t matter to get extra rest.

A reason to rise

You probably get it: You get up at the last minute because there really is no other way. Consider, for example, work or study. According to Pelayo, it’s a good idea to find an incentive to get up early. Give yourself a reward, something to look forward to.

This should be something where you expose your body to the light. Think walking, but even playing a video game helps. This way you will be more motivated to get up early. To increase the stakes, only do this activity at that time of day to make it special.

Morning person sleep wake up squid netflix game
Don’t lie awake all night worrying. (photo: Netflix)

No pressure

Yes, the point of becoming a morning person is easier said than done. Without stress you sleep better and don’t lie awake all night. However, it is not unusual to wake up at night. In fact, everyone does this in their sleep, but many people don’t even realize it. It’s different with stress. So you are still working on your trouble spots.

According to Playo, this is something we left over from evolution. Then a person had to get up regularly in order to protect himself from danger. So don’t get angry while you’re awake, because anger is a bigger problem than sleep itself.


I must admit that the last piece of advice is an open door. According to Pelayo, you must be a beginner. This means waking up for more than six weeks at the time you predetermine.

People do this for three or four days and say it doesn’t work. Our brains don’t absorb changes that quickly.”

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How, according to science, you can quickly turn into a strong morning person

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