NOS Sport has researched ‘Dozens of Reports’ of Infringing Behavior | NOS Sport offenses

with videoNOS has commissioned research into offensive behavior within its ranks. According to informed sources, the broadcaster has received “dozens of reports” of alleged abuse against the sports editors-in-chief. An external consultant will conduct a confidential inventory of these reports.

Hanneke van Houwelingen and Dennis Jansen

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12/16/22, 9:37 p.m

The editorial team met this afternoon in Hilversum. During a meeting, it became apparent that NOS had asked an outside confidential advisor to make an inventory of reports of offensive behavior in sports editors. Many people sounded the alarm after the editor-in-chief sent an email to all staff last month, in the wake of abuses in The world goes on. In this email, the editors called on any victims of the infringing behavior to report themselves.

NOS has not yet made any statements about the person(s) involved and the content of the reports. The announcer only states that it is about “experiences from the past, but also from more recent times”. NOS doesn’t want to say exactly how many reports it relates to. Insiders talk about “dozens of reports.”

A spokesperson for NOS said: “An inventory consists of, among other things, knowing the nature and impact of the signals and the steps that need to be taken to deal with this and prevent it from happening in the future.” According to the spokesperson, no one has been suspended from work.

Correspondent support

Janke Dekker, president of the Mores Foundation, the center for reporting unwanted behavior in the Dutch cultural and creative sector, cannot say whether alleged abuses in NOS Sport have also been reported. “We are not allowed to report who from which organization informed us. He also informed us immediately afterwards The world goes on: We receive reports at the broadcast level. I can’t specify more. Look, NOS is also affiliated with Mores, so we also have a connection on that, but we’re independent. We do not meddle in politics, but only help correspondents, especially when they are not listened to. Then we make sure the reporters are heard.”

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Jack Van Gelder, from 1995 to 2015 in Sports studio work, he never noticed any aggressive behavior himself. He said this on tonight’s broadcast HLF8. Now I have to say I’ve never worked in the editing room, I’ve only been there for the broadcast. But I never noticed that something was going on. ’ Van Gelder also says he never heard stories from his colleagues. “Of course, there must have been tension at work and someone might have said, ‘You terrible bitch or fool,’ but nothing else.”

Transboundary behavior in DWDD

I reported mid November the Volkskrant After discussions with dozens of former employees of the DWDD Behind the scenes, there has been a culture of fear for years due to the abusive behavior of broadcaster Matthijs van Nieuwkirk. According to those involved, he had severe temper tantrums, where he was “shouted at, insulted and bullied” by staff in front of others.

After revealing in BNNVara, he left the broadcaster that DWDD Made and where Van Nieuwkirk still works. The NPO announced a major investigation. Frances Klein, in DWDD– BNNVara’s media director and now NPO president has resigned from his job pending results. BNNVara invited all former employees of the program for an interview.

Would you like to give us advice or do you have more information about offensive behavior in the media and culture sector? Then you can send us a message via WhatsApp or Signal at: +31615377185. You can also send tips by email to [email protected] or via General leaks. You can guide us anonymously through all of these channels. We treat your data with confidence in our opinion Privacy statement.

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