Norway's Queen Sonja spends the festive weekend in America

Norway’s Queen Sonja spends the festive weekend in America

Queen Sonja of Norway attended the centenary of the Church of Norway in the US state of Minnesota on Sunday. The Norwegian court on Monday shared a report of the celebrations in Minneapolis, where the church is located.

The church was founded in 1922 by the Norwegian Lutheran Church in America. The church is one of only two churches in the United States that still have liturgies in Norwegian, the court said. Minneapolis has more people of Norwegian descent than any other part of the United States.

During the celebration, local church choirs sang hymns and Norwegian Bishop Olav Fixe Tweed was the guest speaker. Gabi and Sonja gave speeches after the service. According to Rani, the Norwegian-speaking church “can contribute to building local communities and preserving cultural traditions and the Norwegian language”.

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Last Friday, on the first day of her multi-day visit, Queen Sonja attended St. Olaf College, founded by Norwegian immigrants in 1874. The university maintains its close ties with Norway and teaches Norwegian culture, history and language. .

The Queen of Norway visited St. Olaf for the fourth time in her life. She previously did this in 2011 and 1995 with her husband King Harald. In 1978, Sonja, then Crown Princess of Norway, visited the US site.

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Queen-Sonja-St-Olaf College


A festive opening is planned for Queen Sonja on Saturday. In Minneapolis, he attended the opening of the new Norway House. The campus will become a meeting place for anyone interested in Norway and Norwegian culture.



ANP / Photos: Det kongelige hoff

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