Norway warns: "Leave the walruses alone, otherwise euthanasia is possible"

Norway warns: “Leave the walruses alone, otherwise euthanasia is possible”

that reports Fisheries Agency from Norway. They are now sailing in a patrol boat through the port to monitor the situation. Pictures of Freya’s walrus climbing boats in that harbor went viral around the world earlier this summer.

Despite multiple warnings, people don’t shy away from the animal. For example, people will try to touch a walrus, and even swim with it, says a spokesperson for the agency that is in contact with the police. “It has become a magnet. Our biggest fear is that people will get hurt.”

Several dangerous situations have already occurred.

‘Keep your distance’

There are also concerns about the well-being of Freya herself: “The walrus don’t get much rest and the professionals we talk to consider her to be nervous.”

That is why action can be taken, says the spokesperson. “We are now investigating further measures, where euthanasia may be a real option. In addition, we again strongly advise the public to keep their distance and not bathe the animal. For your safety, but also with the goal of protecting the animals’ good.”

In the Netherlands too

Walrus Freya also swam around the Dutch coast for a while last year, then rested on the Zr.Ms submarine. Dolphin walrus class.

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