North Korean missile explodes in the air after failed launch

North Korean missile explodes in the air after failed launch

A North Korean missile exploded in the air after its launch failed. This was reported by the South Korean military. The missile was said to have been launched from an air base near the capital, Pyongyang.

Although there are no official details, the missile exploded at an altitude of about 20 kilometers, according to a high-ranking South Korean soldier who asked not to be identified. He said the cause of the explosion was unknown.

It is already the 10th missile test that the country has conducted this year. On March 5, the South Korean military and the Japanese military reported Also launch† According to the authorities in Tokyo, the missile fell into the Sea of ​​Japan on the eastern side of the Korean Peninsula.

hit the west

In recent months, Pyongyang has increased the number of missile tests. Presumably, this was done to pressure the West to renegotiate.

The United States and South Korea warned last week that North Korea plans to launch an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) soon. The Pentagon suspects that North Korea will present the Hwasong-17 as a space missile, but the missile can also hit ground targets, the Americans say. The missile can travel about 15,000 kilometers, which means it can also reach the United States.

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