North Korea conducts a new missile test from a train |  abroad

North Korea conducts a new missile test from a train | abroad

“The unit showed good maneuverability, and the accuracy of the hits was highly appreciated,” the agency said. Yonhap. North Korea is said to be improving and expanding wheeled missile facilities on train tracks.

The army chief attended a missile test on Saturday. It is not clear if leader Kim Jong Un will be present. Yesterday, North Korea tested two short-range ballistic missiles. They also ended up at sea, reaching a distance of 430 kilometers. They reached a height of 36 kilometers.

North Korea said earlier this week that it had launched a hypersonic missile. Hypersonic missiles are five times faster than sound, which means that current defense systems can’t or can barely intercept them, but their range is less than that of ballistic missiles.

The recent launches come on the heels of economic sanctions imposed by the United States on North Koreans involved in the weapons program. The country also called on the UN Security Council to impose new sanctions on North Korea.

It is reported that North Korea’s Defense Ministry said the United States deliberately wanted to escalate the situation, according to state media. She further stated that North Korea has the right to defend itself and warned of a strong response.

Dictator Kim Jong Un announced earlier that North Korea would continue to build up its arsenal. According to Western observers, this stands in stark contrast to the economic crisis in the isolated country.

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