Noa Vahle addresses sixth teammates at ‘uncomfortable’ moment

Wilfred Jenny and table guest Angela de Jong discuss fake babies. This term is used to describe children of famous parents who follow in the footsteps of that parent(s). Because of family ties, they often have some advantages that others do not have. That’s certainly the case with Noa, the daughter of Linda de Mol and Sander Vaal, Angela believes.

“Let’s be honest, I don’t think every other 22-year-old (now she’s 23) would stand where she was if she didn’t have that last name,” says Angela. Even if it was her father’s last name. To ease the pain, while Noa is really on the line, the reviewer gives another compliment. “But the girl has tremendous talent.”

Wilfried tries to make a sweet move to Noa, who is reporting in Warsaw because Feyenoord is playing a game against Shakhtar Donetsk tonight, but she doesn’t want to know anything about it. Noa begins, after which she resumes her role: “It’s especially nice that you’ve been talking about me for two minutes and I’m listening here so awkwardly.” “But eh…a few Feyenoord supporters have already come to Warsaw.”

Wilfred Jenney negotiates a new contract with Talpa on behalf of the Sixth Men. According to Johan, John de Mol now hates the presenter, who gives him one of his few successes at SBS.

inside today It can be seen on SBS6 every working day at around 9.40pm. Watch yesterday’s episode here behind.

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