No reassurance: the duo Mia and Dion are better at Eurovision than in Madrid, but not at all convincing |  Eurovision Song Contest

No reassurance: the duo Mia and Dion are better at Eurovision than in Madrid, but not at all convincing | Eurovision Song Contest

with videoIt wasn’t technical on Saturday night, however, as Mia Nicolae and Dionne Cooper took partial revenge at Eurovision in Concert for their disappointing live debut in Madrid, a week earlier. In Avas Live it appeared Burning daylight Much better than in Spain, but the Eurovision couple were by no means convincing.

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Introduction: Relates to a performance at the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool and Starting, the way the verb is formed is sometimes more important than the singing. However, the first two live performances of Mia Nicolae (27) and Dionne Cooper (29) aren’t exactly reassuring when it comes to reaching the Eurovision final.


Take it easy: a young and inexperienced couple who are not yet used to each other, take a re-test on Afas Live after a failed first attempt. In Madrid, the two do not hear themselves sing a week ago, fail to make up for those failed headphones (in the ears) and sound not entirely pure, sometimes out of tune. Then the pressure is irrevocably high at a home game in front of 5,000 people, where everyone seems to be watching you.

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In that light, Nikolai and Cooper didn’t fare too bad on Saturday in Amsterdam. However, everything is shaking very loudly, especially the explosions which don’t come through well enough. It is undoubtedly better than in Spain, where they heard how things went wrong the morning after their performance. “When we heard it, we thought: Oh, that’s not how it should be,” Nikolai says on Afas Live a few hours before they took the stage. “We didn’t realize it right away after that, but we were right next to him,” Cooper concludes.

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Mia Nicolay and Dionne Cooper on Afas Live before their performance © Pronoprice

An Afas Live technician ensures things can’t go wrong again on Saturday, but it doesn’t make for a convincing performance. And that’s while the Netherlands are seeded in the strongest semi-finalists of the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool on May 9.

Duncan Lawrence

Does Duncan Lawrence keep the key? The 2019 winner serves as a mentor to Nikolai and Cooper, but he’s mostly stayed the distance these weeks for several reasons. Not present in Madrid and Amsterdam, Lawrence is not the man to keep the duo going. At the same time, he and his fiancée and writing partner Jordan Garfield are in charge of the art part in Liverpool.

last week , corridorThe singer, his subjects received particular encouragement after the false start in Madrid. Cooper: Well, Duncan said that’s the case at those pre-parties. Conditions are not as good everywhere as in the Netherlands. He said don’t worry too much about it. It’s about Liverpool, there you go, Duncan said shines. “

If those words come true, there is clearly still some work to be done in the coming weeks. Someone will have to take the initiative to rescue two talented young artists from a quagmire. The main question now is who feels called to do so.

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