No longer “swinging” again: Weatherman Pete Paulusma passed away

No longer “swinging” again: Weatherman Pete Paulusma passed away

Omroep Max reported that Piet had been suffering from cancer for some time, but did not want to publicize it. “We are grateful to Pete for all he has done for us and we wish the relatives a lot of strength.”

Never “swing” again

“It’s unbelievable how brave Pete has gone through with his illness,” says broadcaster Jan Slager. “As long as that lasted, he wanted to keep working.” The weather man was last shown on TV on Thursday, and he can still be heard on the radio on Friday. “It’s so sad we never heard him say his guard ‘oant moarn’ again.”

37 years weather

Piet began his career as a weather forecaster in 1985 at Omrop Fryslân, first on radio and later on daily television. There is also great sadness, Editor-in-chief Cyprien Terpstra says:† “He was invaluable and was always there for us. Above all, he was a very nice guy to work with.”

Eleven years later, the weatherman has hacked national television. It started in SBS6 and gave daily weather report from different place in Holland.

After more than 23 years, the weather factor has turned to the Omroep Max. Pete always shut down his weather forecast with his now famous statement “oant moarn”, which means “see you tomorrow” in Frisian.

Royal Prize

This past January, Pete Knight was awarded the Order of Orange-Nassau. Bolsma received this royal decoration from King Commissioner of Friesland Arnaud Brücke and Mayor of Harlingen Ina Serps. “Paulosma shows himself as a true ambassador for Frislan and the Frisian language,” said Brooke. “His weather forecast is a fulcrum for many.”

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