Nintendo thinks it will sell fewer Switches next year |  right Now

Nintendo thinks it will sell fewer Switches next year | right Now

Nintendo expects to sell significantly fewer Switch consoles this year than last year, the Japanese game console company reported Tuesday morning with the announcement of its sale. Annual numbers

Nintendo was able to produce fewer game consoles in the past year due to the persistent shortage of chips. That’s why forecasts have already been revised down from 24 million copies to 23 million copies sold. This goal was hardly accomplished with 23.06 million copies. This year, Nintendo expects to sell 21 million Switch consoles.

The PokemonNintendo games are still a huge hit. From the January issue Pokemon Arsius 12.6 million units have been sold so far. Best seller PokemonGames are on Switch pokemon sword And shield† To date, 24.3 million copies have been sold.

Switch remains the best-selling game Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (45.3 million), followed by Animal Crossing: New Horizons (38.6 million) and Super Smash Bros.climax (28.2 million).

Nintendo’s revenue was slightly lower than the previous year due to lower sales compared to global shutdowns. Nintendo reported sales of 1.7 trillion yen (12.8 billion euros) in the last fiscal year, which ran through the end of March. This is about 4 percent less than the previous year.

Net profit fell by about 1 percent, equivalent to 3.5 billion euros. Nintendo thinks sales and profits will drop even more this year.

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