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Nintendo released Update 14.0.0 for the Nintendo Switch on Tuesday. In it, the company is adding a feature that allows users to organize games and apps to switch into folders. Nintendo calling featuring combos.

The groups feature can be found in the All Programs menu, Nintendo reports in Support article about the new feature† This menu is located on the right side of the main switch screen, provided users have more than ten apps or games installed on their console. Once in this menu, users can view folders by pressing the L button.

Users can also create a new folder there, by selecting Create Group. They can then select all the games and apps they want to add to the folder, change the order in which they are displayed, and give the folder a name. Up to 100 folders can be created, each containing up to 200 games.

in addition to Does the update add an option Adjusts the volume of paired bluetooth earbuds via the key’s volume buttons. These bluetooth devices must have an extension Avrcp . Profile in order to support. Nintendo says that the maximum volume of Bluetooth audio devices has also been increased.

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