Nina Jurna New NOS Reporter Latin America

Nina Jurna New NOS Reporter Latin America

Nina Jurna became the new NOS correspondent for Latin America. He will return to the Netherlands on March 1, 2022 after Mark Bessems. Jurna is certainly not new to the continent: he was in Paramaribo between 2000 and 2011, and since then he has been working in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

After studying journalism at the Windshield University of Applied Science, Nina began working for the Amsterdam TV channel AT5. He later moved to Suriname, where he became a reporter for RTL News and several Dutch newspapers. After moving to Rio de Janeiro, he became the Latin American correspondent for NRC Handelsblad in 2015. He continues to work in this position for the magazine as well. Since 2019, Jurna has already replaced Mark Bessems as NOS’s Latin American correspondent; Since 2020 he has also included Suriname. She keeps doing it. Speaking in both Portuguese and Spanish, Jurna said, “The region is largely made up of young and yet shaky democracies, where deep inequality plays a major role. “There are major current issues here, such as climate change, deforestation and the refugee crisis. Although I have lived here for a long time, this area continues to fascinate me. It is a continent with a large melting pot of Latin American cultures, a great diversity. And I look forward to putting Latin America even more on the map with humorous contributions and news reports online. She has an extensive network on this vibrant continent full of economic and political contradictions, and she is eager to tell all of those stories out there. We are thrilled to have found a good successor to Mark Bessems.

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