Mazepin sleept Haas voor de rechter: "Ze hebben nog steeds niet betaald"

Nikita Mazepin sue Haas: ‘They haven’t paid yet’

Nikita Mazepin goes to the path of justice to prove that he is right. The former Haas driver believes the team must still pay his overdue salary, and the US team refuses to do so to this day.

At the start of the season, Haas bid farewell to the Russian driver and main sponsor Uralkali. All this happened shortly after Russia invaded neighboring Ukraine. The team’s decision was not appreciated by Mazepin. However, the close ties between Dmitriy Mazepin (Uralkali) and the Russian government were enough reason for the American team to pull the plug on the partnership. The contract was unilaterally terminated, but the racing stable decided to keep the sponsorship money.

contractual obligations

vs russian Sports RBC He tells his former teammate Mick Schumacher what exactly is bothering him. “When the contract was called off, Haas still had to pay my salary in arrears. They haven’t paid yet,” he explains. The 23-year-old believes that his former employer should pay wages at least until the moment of his dismissal, in addition, he also hints at the payment of severance payments. “What I’m talking about is that the contractual obligations have not been fulfilled,” Mazepin explains, confident of a good outcome in court.

Former Main Sponsor

Mazepin Jr. is not the only one who has found his way to court, father Dmitriy will start a separate case against the US team on behalf of Uralkali. Haas also ripped the contract with the sponsor in February, but then decided to keep the down payments. The judge may hear the two separate cases.

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